An open, scalable, flexible visualization platform

Welcome to a new platform that accelerates value delivery with modern technologies, innovative designs and scalable deployment options within FactoryTalk Design Hub


An open, scalable, flexible visualization platform
Welcome to a new platform that accelerates value delivery with modern technologies, innovative designs and scalable deployment options

is a new cloud-native software product built from the ground up to improve system design efficiency. 

is a new product addition to the Rockwell Automation visualization portfolio. Known as “visualization for visionaries,” FactoryTalk Optix is the first cloud-enabled HMI product to be launched within FactoryTalk Design Hub. 

is an end-to-end automation design solution where users can design, program, simulate, emulate, and virtually commission in one cloud environment. 

provides secure, cloud-native centralized storage for manufacturing design teams. With its modern version and access control, FactoryTalk Vault with advanced Design Tools allows for greater insights into designs through in-depth analysis of controller projects. 

enables secure connections to equipment, allowing teams to respond to needs faster and rapidly resolve production issues from anywhere. 



Design and test your HMI projects in ways you have only imagined

  • Design & test your HMI projects directly from a web browser
  • Collaborative workflows allow modifications from anywhere, anytime
  • Version management tracks changes keeps track of who did what and when
  • Build project dynamically, by scripting, or even at runtime


Create your application once and deploy to any device

  • Flexible host hardware
  • Panel • Station • Distributed
  • Pay only for what you use


Style your HMI graphics for a global audience

  • Responsive graphics
  • Reporting, dashboarding
  • Style sheets
  • Multi-language


Built from the ground up with OPC UA and incredible extensibility

  • Library management
  • 3rd party drivers
  • IOT native connectivity
  • Full support of OPC/UA companion specs
  • Open interface with C# scripting

Improving Processes, Efficiency and Deliverables

FactoryTalk Optix can help improve your process, efficiency and deliverables – in one easy to access tool. Take advantage of new levels of collaboration, scalability and interoperability to achieve your HMI vision.

New SaaS-enabled workflows will enable your team to collaborate any time, from anywhere, thanks to built-in change tracking and versioning that automatically keeps track of who did what and when.

– Why cloud? –

Accelerate Time to Value

Harness the cloud and become more agile by deploying quickly and scaling based on demand. Use the increased efficiency to beat competitors to market, get to profit faster and improve return on investment.

Boost Collaboration

Transform the way you collaborate! The cloud makes it easier for suppliers, employees and customers to collaborate from anywhere in the world.

Never Lose Project Files

Files are saved to a secure FactoryTalk Vault enabling secure storage, dedicated private space, file recovery capabilities and access by anyone from anywhere with internet access and the necessary permissions.

Reduce Cost

With remote access you don’t need costly travel time and expenses to help. Customers will appreciate this – and so will your bank account.

Build your HMI projects wherever you are

Don’t have FactoryTalk Optix installed on your PC?  No problem!

  • Design, test, and deploy your HMI projects directly from a web browser using cloud-based FactoryTalk Optix Studio, available from FactoryTalk Design Hub
  • Collaborative workflows allow modifications anywhere, anytime

No internet connection?  No problem!

  • Install FactoryTalk Optix Studio locally on your laptop
  • Seamlessly transitions from browser to desktop app for disconnected editing and deployment

Not sure which HMI device you’ll be using?  No problem!

  • Build projects and deploy dynamically – even at runtime


Optix Panels Compact and Standard based on FT Optix Software

  • Integrated solutions to create modern, ergonomic, flexible native interfaces with object-oriented and cross-platform modular architecture with integrated FT Remote Assistance for maximum connectivity
  • Full industrial interoperability for M2M scenarios and interfacing with MES and ERP systems as a result of OPC UA protocol native support, simple two-way communication with Cloud infrastructures via MQTT protocol
  • Compact and Standard families with different set of “feature tokens” to enable desired functions and different hardware features to best meet your needs
  • Available in a wide range of LCD size from 7″ to 21,5 with protection grade up to IP69K
  • Resistive or PCAP Multitouch touchscreen technology 


HMI SOFTWARE FT OPTIX (S: 8-11 token) FT OPTIX (M: 12-15 token)
CPU i.MX 8M Mini  i.MX 8M Plus 
Main Storage 10GB 21GB
Storage expansions MicroSD external access 
USB connections 1x USB 2.0 2x USB 3.0
Ethernet connections 1x Gigabit 2x Gigabit
Serial connections 1x DB9M, RS232/422/485 1x DB9M, RS232/422/485
LCD size 4.3", 7" (Wide) 8.4" ÷ 15" (4:3)
7" ÷ 21.5" (wide)
Bezel types • Aluminium, Resistive touch (Wide) • Aluminium, Resistive touch (4:3 + Wide)
• Aluminum+Glass, PCAP multitouch (Wide) • Aluminum+Glass, PCAP multitouch (Wide)
• Aluminium TrueFlat, Resistive touch (4:3)
• Stainless Steel IP69K, Resistive touch (Wide)
Protection grade up to IP65 up to IP69K
KC (S Korea)
RCM (Austr+NZ)

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Project created in collaboration between Rockwell Automation and ASEM S.r.l.